The Corona Virus outbreak has accelerated the thought of redefining hospital visit through implementation of technology in health care along with other industries. Tele medicine opened a new door for doctors when there’s  an urgent condition that a patient needed to be seen.They can  connect to the patients ,speak with them and examine them real time from their offices/hospitals/home hundred miles away .Real time audio/video consultations are more convenient which allow doctors and patients to remain in closer contact and better manage chronic illnesses such as diabetes.Patients will get increased access to high-quality healthcare by easliy take  appointment from the doctor, get advice via a chatbot from their own home itself .They can be guided to their desired doctors anywhere in the world in a cost effective way.Providers will have the advantage of getting paid for their service regardless of the method of communication.  

Telemedicine works effectively in resolving a patient’s problems with the same clinical standards as an in-person visit.For instance, doctors can monitor their patients in the intensive care unit so that they can see multiple patients at the same. 
In the treatment of COVID-19 also, we think through technology you can inform those who need the information and keep them away from the health care system.You can provide them required care, whether it’s symptom control, or guide them to the right testing facility or the right clinics.

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