Do you want to boost up your skills in web designing??. HERE… We are introducing codezcamp .Why codezcamp…? learn from basics to design and host websites. Sharpen your skills by working with live projects and become a certified developer with industry standards. Online presence has become a main factor in all sectors and client/user engagement is a constant challenge for companies. Whether you choose to work for corporations, non-profits or become a self-employed freelancer, you can create a successful career.

Courses outcomes:

  • HTML provides the most essential elements of web-based application coding
  • CSS may not be a programming language, but it is essential to creating web-based applications
  • JavaScript allows developers to add an extensive range of functionality to web applications.
  • Frameworks can speed up coding as they provide a pre-existing structure that can be leveraged across an application

Benefits of Codezcamp

  1. Developers are often thought of as problem solvers – and they are – however, web developers have the luxury of being able to flex their creative muscles.
  2. You can work from anywhere.
  3. It brings out or improves your creativity(build your own idea from nothing).
  4. It’s interesting and fun.
  5. It helps you become a better problem-solver.
  6. It is a job for the future.
  7. You can work independently(be your own boss) or with a team.

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